OKB: The Utility Token of the OKX Ecosystem

OKB is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It serves as the utility token of the OKX ecosystem, which is a global cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange.

Benefits of Holding OKB

  • Discounts: OKB holders receive discounts on trading fees and other services on the OKX exchange.
  • Access to Token Offerings: Holding OKB grants users exclusive access to token sales of high-quality crypto projects.
  • Earn Passive Income: OKB holders can earn interest on their savings and enjoy automated trading.

Using OKB

OKB can be used in various ways:

  • Trading: OKB can be traded on the OKX exchange and other platforms.
  • Storage: OKB can be stored in mobile wallets or online wallets.
  • Transfer and Exchange: OKB can be easily transferred and exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.
  • Lending and Borrowing: In certain markets, OKB can be lent and borrowed.

The OKX ecosystem is dedicated to expanding the utility of OKB and providing first-class services to OKB holders worldwide.

A Brief History of OKB

OKB was launched in 2017 as an ERC-20 token by OKEx, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Mingxing 'Star' Xu, the founder of OKEx, created OKB as a means to pay transaction fees on the OKX exchange.

OKB initially had a total supply of 1 billion tokens, with a circulating supply of 300 million tokens. However, OKEx has been conducting a quarterly token buyback-and-burn program to reduce the circulating supply and increase the value of OKB. The exchange uses a portion of the income from spot trading fees to repurchase tokens.

Today, OKB continues to play a vital role in the OKX ecosystem, linking potential digital asset projects to OKX users and professional investors. It aims to foster the development of blockchain technology and the digital asset sector.

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Where Can You Buy the Cryptocurrency OKB?

Option 1: OKX

You can buy OKB with minimal fees from OKX, an innovative cryptocurrency exchange that offers advanced financial offerings. OKX allows you to trade hundreds of tokens and trading pairs on spot, margin, and derivatives markets. Additionally, you can swap your existing crypto holdings to OKB with zero fees and no spreads using the Convert feature. Popular cryptocurrencies on OKX include BTC, ETH, USDT, DOGE, SOL, and OKB.

Option 2: Coinbase Wallet

Although OKB is not available on Coinbase's centralized exchange, you can still buy OKB using Coinbase Wallet. To do this, you need to download the Coinbase Wallet app and create a self-custody wallet. After setting up your wallet and securing your recovery phrase, you can use Coinbase Wallet to buy OKB.

Option 3: Centralized Exchange or Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

If you prefer using a reliable centralized exchange similar to Binance, you can refer to Coinmarketcap.com's Markets section to find a list of exchanges where OKB is listed. Alternatively, you can buy OKB through a decentralized exchange (DEX) that supports the blockchain where your OKB resides. Trust Wallet is a recommended wallet for connecting to a DEX and using your Binance account to buy the base currency.


Cryptocurrency prices are subject to high market risk and price volatility. Before buying OKB or any other cryptocurrency, it's important to understand the associated risks and do proper research. Ensure that you are familiar with the legal, regulatory, and tax status of OKB in your country or region.

The founders of OKB

**Founders of OKB** OKB is the native cryptocurrency token of the OKEx exchange.

Here is some information about the founders of OKB: 1. Mingxing 'Star' Xu: Star Xu founded Okcoin, a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, in 2013.

He is also the founder of OKEx, which is a Malta-based exchange and the second biggest crypto exchange by trading volume globally. Star Xu is the CEO of OKEx as of 2023.

2. Hong Fang: Hong Fang is the President of OKEx.

3. Haider Rafique: Haider Rafique is the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of OKEx.

Please note that the information provided is based on available sources and may be subject to change.

Roadmap and Future Plans of OKB Cryptocurrency


OKB is the utility token of the OKX ecosystem, one of the world's largest digital asset exchanges.

It offers various benefits, including discounts and exclusive access to services. OKB aims to provide a seamless web3 experience for users and developers.

OKB Chain Development Roadmap

OKX has unveiled a roadmap for the development of the OKB Chain (OKBC), a blockchain project launched to address the limitations of Ethereum's scaling technology.

OKBC V1: Ethereum PoA Sidechain

  • Optimized for speed and low transaction costs
  • Compatible with the EVM and Wasm ecosystems
  • Streamlined and intuitive web3 experience

OKBC V2: Ethereum-native ZK Rollup Platform

  • Enhances scalability and efficiency
  • Turing-complete zkVM
  • Backward compatibility with Ethereum ecosystem

OKBC V3: Cross-chain Communication and Specialized Applications

  • Enables communication between ZK Rollups
  • Facilitates cross-chain communication
  • Provides specialized application solutions

The roadmap aims to create a robust and efficient infrastructure for the OKB Chain, offering users a seamless and scalable experience.

Eco-development Roadmap of OKB

OKX has also published an eco-development roadmap for OKB, outlining its plans for a complete ecosystem and collaboration with top blockchain project teams.

The roadmap emphasizes the importance of OKB as a vital part of OKX's architecture and development.

Happy Friday Program

OKX has launched the "Happy Friday Program," where 50% of the service fees collected during the week are shared with OKB holders as a bonus. This program aims to incentivize and reward OKB holders for their participation.


OKB, the utility token of the OKX ecosystem, has a comprehensive roadmap for the development of the OKB Chain.

The roadmap includes the implementation of Ethereum sidechains, ZK Rollup platforms, and cross-chain communication capabilities. Additionally, OKX has laid out plans for the overall eco-development of OKB, emphasizing its importance in the OKX architecture.

Introduction to OKB

OKB is an important digital token launched by OKEx, which is one of the main cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. Instead of only being used as a typical currency, OKB serves as a key utility token within the OKEx ecosystem. As a token, OKB provides multiple benefits and functions to its holders that go beyond what well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, or Ethereum offer.

So, let's explore how OKB is used within the OKEx system. One major use is in the reduction of transaction fees. OKEx users who also hold OKB tokens can use these to pay for their transaction fees. This isn't unusual since many crypto exchanges offer similar features. What makes OKB stand out, however, is the extent to which it provides discounts. The more OKB tokens a user holds, the less they have to pay in transaction fees. This tiered approach encourages users to obtain and hold on to OKB tokens, therefore fostering a robust market for this utility token.

Aside from alleviating transaction fees, OKB also plays a critical role in the platform's token-based operations. This means that OKB is essential for executing certain actions on the OKEx platform. Specifically, OKB can be used to participate in the exchange's voting system, gain early access to special events, receive trading discounts, and benefit from a range of promotions and rewards.

OKB's benefits aren't solely confined within the OKEx ecosystem, as it has partnered with numerous companies that provide services like VPNs, loan companies, and cybersecurity firms where OKB can be used.

OKB also supports a buyback and burn program. This means that a proportion of the token's supply is regularly taken out of circulation, effectively reducing the number of OKB tokens in existence over time. This reduction in supply can make each remaining OKB more valuable, as long as demand stays constant or increases, which can provide direct benefits to OKB holders.

Overall, OKB works as more than just a cryptocurrency. It's an essential utility token within the OKEx ecosystem that provides a variety of services and benefits to its users while also nourishing a dynamic market within the OKEx trading platform.

History of OKB

The OKB token is an integral part of the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange. It was introduced to the market by OKEx to serve as a utility token for the exchange. Utility tokens, such as OKB, are tokens that are used primarily within a specific ecosystem - in this case, within the OKEx exchange, providing users with a range of benefits and privileges.

The creation of OKB followed an increasing trend among cryptocurrency exchanges to launch their own proprietary tokens. This trend was spearheaded by Binance, which launched the Binance Coin (BNB), and paved the way for other exchanges like OKEx to create their own utility tokens. OKEx launched the OKB token in early 2018, initially distributing it to OKEx users via different promotional activities.

Designed to connect and benefit all users within the OKEx ecosystem, the OKB token affords holders discounted trading fees, access to new features, and participation in key governance decisions of the exchange. The token conforms to first-class commercial encryption algorithms, ensuring a high level of security for all OKB trades and transactions on the exchange.

Over time, the role and value of the OKB token have evolved. As the OKEx exchange expanded its operations and developed further features, the utility of the OKB token followed suit. It became a tool for taking part in token sales on OKChain (OKEx's own blockchain), lay a stake in the OKEx mining pool, and gain periodic airdrops exclusively for OKB holders - all of which have contributed to its growth in value over the years.

In line with OKEx's goal of promoting OKB use beyond just its own platform, the company has also signed partnerships with various external service providers and vendors. These partnerships allow OKB holders to use their tokens for a variety of real-world applications such as shopping, booking hotels, and more, enhancing the token’s utility and value further.

With a current circulating supply of 300 million, the value of OKB has continued to rise since its inception, demonstrating the benefits of holding OKB and the faith users have in the continued growth and success of the OKEx ecosystem.

Today, the OKB token is ensconced in the cryptocurrency market as a valuable asset, not just for OKEx users, but for crypto traders and investors interested in fully harnessing the benefits of utility tokens within broader blockchain ecosystems.

How does OKB work?

OKB is a native cryptocurrency token of the OKEx exchange platform, which ranks among the top cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide regarding trading volume. Created to integrate the platform's operations and offer additional benefits to its users, OKB serves a variety of functions.

1. Payment for Transaction Fees

One of the main uses of OKB is to pay for transaction fees within the OKEx trading platform. Similar to how you might use cash or credit to cover fees in traditional financial systems, users can utilize OKB tokens to cover costs associated with trading and transaction fees on the OKEx platform. This provides a practical use case for OKB and encourages circulation within the OKEx ecosystem.

2. Participating in Token Sales

OKB also functions as a ticket allowing holders to participate in token sales hosted on OKEx's Jumpstart platform. Jumpstart is OKEx's mechanism for launching new cryptocurrency projects and token sales. In such events, holding OKB tokens indeed gives users an opportunity to buy into new cryptocurrency projects early, often at prices lower than when the token hits the open market.

3. Access to OKEx Ecosystem Services

OKB tokens unlock additional services within the broader OKEx ecosystem, which extends beyond the basic exchange platform. This ecosystem comprises several unique services from spot trading, futures trading, wallet services, and more. By holding OKB, users can access and utilize these specialized services, adding another layer of benefit in holding and using this token.

4. A Potential Investment Opportunity

Beyond its immediate uses, OKB may also serve as a long-term investment. As with all cryptocurrencies, the value of OKB can rise or fall based on a wide array of factors, from the health of the overall cryptomarket, to demand for OKEx's services, to the broader public's perception of the value and future prospects of OKEx and its ecosystem.

Understanding these fundamental utilities of OKB can help users to make the most out of their trading and investing activities on the OKEx platform.

The Value Proposition of OKB

OKB is a prominent utility token specifically offered by the celebrated cryptocurrency exchange, OKEx. As a global utility token, it serves a range of functions within the platform and grants access to several exclusive benefits. Given its diverse utilities, it brings great value to traders, holders, and participants in the OKEx platform.

If you're a trader on OKEx, holding OKB can save you a great deal of money. OKB holders are rewarded with significant trading-fee discounts, reducing investment costs and subsequently boosting profit margins. This offers a significant advantage, especially for high-frequency traders on the platform.

Subscription and Voting Rights

Holding OKB also gives you voting rights on the OKEx platform, granting you the power to influence important decisions about the platform's management. OKB holders have a say in issues ranging from token listings to platform improvements, giving them a significant role within the OKEx community. Moreover, OKB holders are also offered subscription rights to new token sales, providing a chance to invest in promising projects early stages.

OKEx Jumpstart Participation

Another advantage that comes with holding OKB is exclusive access to OKEx Jumpstart. Jumpstart is a platform where projects can raise capital and investors can invest in these projects at an early stage. As an OKB holder, you may gain priority participation, providing you with an edge over others in this highly competitive investment landscape.

OKChain Functions

OKB also grants holders access to OKChain functions. OKChain is OKEx's proprietary commercial public blockchain. Here, you can use OKB as operating costs for writing data or as a payment method for other decentralized applications (dApps). This offers a more diverse application scenario to OKB holders, thereby enhancing its functional utility.

Wealthy Ecosystem

One of the greatest value propositions that come with holding OKB is the access to a wealthy ecosystem. Whether you're an investor, trader, or developer, OKB offers diversified applications and consumption scenarios through collaborations with numerous partners. You can use OKB to pay for products and services such as hotel bookings, shopping, technical services, and even network security services. This opens up a world of possibilities, expanding OKB's utility far beyond the frame of the OKEx platform.

Overall, OKB is an intriguing example of how utility tokens can provide a wide array of benefits to traders, holders, and participants on cryptocurrency platforms. Given its diverse use cases and value offerings, OKB is not just a token you hold; it's a tool you can effectively leverage to optimize your experience on the OKEx platform.

OKB Market Performance

OKB, the utility token from the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, has seen considerable growth in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. Let's take a closer look at its performance, historical price fluctuations, trade volumes, and potential market threats.

Since its initial launch in 2019, the performance of OKB has been relatively positive. The token started trading at approximately 1 USD per token, maintaining stability during the initial months and confirming its potent volatility resistance. By the end of 2019, the cryptocurrency had peaked to about 3 USD.

However, 2020 marked the true surge in OKB's price, which skyrocketed up to about 6 USD in February. Despite slight dips during unforeseen circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the cryptocurrency rebounded quickly, securing an all-time high of nearly 27 USD in 2021.

Volume Data

Trading volume data is of critical importance as it indicates the liquidity and overall popularity of a cryptocurrency. In the case of OKB, the data has proven robust over the years. At launch, OKB saw trading volumes reaching up to 100 million USD. These numbers continued to rise, particularly during heightened periods of market volatility. As of recent data, OKB sees average daily trading volumes rocketing up to roughly 2 billion USD, marking its increasing popularity among crypto traders.

Market Threat

Despite its impressive performance, OKB does face market threats. One of the main challenges for OKB is the contentious market competition. With so many other cryptocurrencies in the sector, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin, the competition is fierce. As these tokens gain in popularity and use-cases, it could potentially impact OKB’s market performance.

Then there is the overarching concern about regulatory threats. Governments and regulatory bodies worldwide are still understanding how to approach cryptocurrencies. Any potential clampdown or constrictive regulation in key markets such as the US, China, or South Korea can potentially impact OKB, like any other cryptocurrency.

Overall, while OKB’s historical performance has been impressive with high liquidity levels and price appreciation, market threats cannot be underestimated. It's worth noting, though, that OKB has mitigated some of these pressures through constant innovation, strategic partnerships and maintaining compliant practices.

Investing in OKB

OKB token is a global utility cryptocurrency backed by the OKEx trading platform. As with all cryptocurrencies, investing in OKB comes with both potential rewards and risks.


The OKB token provides users with a raft of benefits including discounted fees on the OKEx trading platform, voting rights in relation to the platform’s developments, and access to "Happy Friday" where 50% of OKEx’s weekly income is shared among OKB holders. Furthermore, as more people use OKEx for their digital asset trading, the price of OKB might increase due to the demand-supply dynamics enhancing its investment potential.


Risks involving OKB are akin to any other cryptocurrencies. The price can be highly volatile, exposing investors to potential losses. It is also reliant on the success of the OKEx platform – if the platform goes under, OKB could lose most of its value. Regulatory risks also exist as governments worldwide are still figuring out how to deal with cryptocurrencies.

How to Buy/Sell OKB

The process is pretty straightforward. You just need to register an account on OKEx or another exchange that lists OKB. After depositing funds into your account, you can simply purchase OKB. It can be bought with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, and in some cases, directly with fiat currencies like USD or EUR.

Selling OKB also follows a similar process. From your digital wallet on the exchange, sell your OKB in exchange for another cryptocurrency or fiat currency. You can then withdraw the funds to your bank account or keep them on the platform if you plan to trade further.

Safe Storage of OKB Tokens

Security of your cryptocurrency is vital in ensuring you do not lose your funds. Following are two main ways to safely store your OKB tokens:

1. Digital Wallets:

Store your OKB tokens in a digital wallet that supports this specific token. Wallets like OKEx's official wallet or third-party wallets can be used. They come with robust security measures like encryption and two-factor authentication.

2. Hardware Wallets:

For superior security, consider a hardware wallet. They store your tokens offline, away from the reach of hackers. A popular option in the cryptocurrency community is Ledger or Trezor. Be sure to choose a wallet that supports OKB.

Lastly, never share your private keys with anyone and keep them stored safely. Your private key is literally the key to your funds. If someone else accesses it, they can easily steal your OKB tokens.

Future Outlook of OKB

OKB, the native cryptocurrency coin of the prominent trading platform OKEx, has gained significant attention within the cryptocurrency market. OKEx plans to empower OKB further by opening a plethora of opportunities and access to an expanded ecosystem.

OKEx has embarked on various innovative projects like OKChain, a decentralized public chain, and OKDEX, a decentralized exchange. The success of these initiatives could see a considerable boost in the prominence and value of OKB, mainly due to OKB's use within these systems.

Regulatory Environment

The regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies is constantly evolving, and this considerably impacts coin valuations. Recently, various governments worldwide have taken steps to accept and regulate cryptocurrencies, which could have a positive influence on OKB's future.

Specifically, China, where OKEx is based, is progressing towards accommodating blockchain technology and digital currencies. This shift could well make OKEx a crucial player in the crypto space and boost OKB's reputation and usage.

Wider Cryptocurrency Market Trends

The future of OKB also depends on wider trends in the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream, which could boost OKB's prospects.

However, competition among cryptos is fierce, and OKB's performance will depend not just on market trends but also on OKEx's ability to innovate and keep its offerings relevant and attractive.

Nonetheless, the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) shines a bright light on OKB. As OKEx expands its DeFi offerings, OKB could well gain considerable traction, given its utility within the OKEx ecosystem.

Overall, while uncertainties exist, the signs seem positive for OKB considering OKEx's ambitious plans, the evolving regulatory environment, and favorable market trends.